Role of priests’ in Catholic churches

The Catholic Church is a complex organization that somehow resembles the configuration of modern day corporations. At the head of the institution, you have the Pope, who is a sort of CEO who is the direct representative of its patrons, in our case God himself. Beneath the Pope are the Cardinals, respected authority figures that rule over bishops, who in turn rule over the priests. The latter is a sort of interns in the organization and the go-to people for small tasks required by the higher ranked officials of the Church. Nevertheless, priests have important duties in Catholic churches that sometimes are wrongfully overlooked. Here are some of them:

Talk to the people

Priests are God’s closest messengers to the people. Most believers never meet bishops or cardinals, and they have to thank the TV for seeing the Pope. However, when they have an existential problem, they visit the local parish and talk to their church-assigned priest. In well-established Christian communities, the priest is held in high honor, and his word is usually more respected than the local law.

Be a Christian role-model

One of the most important duties of a priest is to inspire faith and to offer life guidance. In these endeavors, he has to be a real Christian in everything he does. This implies that he cannot have prized possessions and he cannot live a life of debauchery and sin. His pledge to God is further strengthened with every sinner he converts to the ancient Christian teachings.

Attract people to church

It is hard to convince the local football fans to come to church on Sunday. It is just as difficult to wake up the young folk after a Saturday night of partying just to listen to the morning sermon. Still, these actions are part of his role, and his charisma is crucial into attracting more people towards the Christian faith.